Can I Start Home Schooling Mid-Year?

So I’m sure many of you have researched the option of homeschooling your kids, whether their newborns and you are planning ahead, or in my case planning a little mid-year! Then the question still ponders, is this the right decision? Am I fit to do this? Am I qualified? All valid questions I asked myself for the past several years, thinking no way I can’t possibly do this full time, I have to feed my kids, clothes my kids and care for my house. I’ll leave the education to the others!!!! BOY was I way out of line thinking this way and guess what I decided to jump right in, mid-year and shoot for the stars!!!!!

Anyway, after contemplating, watching YouTube videos, calling family members who have home-schooled  their children’s entire school years, I decided that even switching mid-year is a great decision. My state, like many states offer virtual schooling, so even if you are unsure, you don’t have time to set up curriculum or you can’t afford to buy the books!!!! GUESS WHAT IT IS ALL FREE. My children are using I got all the supplies I needed, they even offer free computers and printers for those whose income fall below a certain level.

I was pretty shocked to find out my kids were actually happy about it, I mean like really looking forward to it. I’m sure it has to do with staying home all day, but they will be on a schedule for my sanity and theirs! Now although this is my 1st blog of hopefully many! I hope it encouraged you somewhat. Don’t worry about finances and having to purchase so many items and set things up, which is where I was skeptical about the whole process. I will use the k12 for the remainder of the year and decide it this is something I want to continue to do during their school years or create a curriculum geared more to their needs. I have a feeling I will, because I’m not impressed with their public school but I think with home schooling I have a little more freedom to incorporated somethings I think will benefit them as well as teach them!

I hope you enjoyed reading, I hope it encouraged you to take the leap of faith.